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Words convey your brand's promise. Well-crafted press releases, innovative newsletters, crisp slogans, powerful Powerpoint presentations, interesting tweets, meaningful Facebook and G+ posts, and compelling video scripts - all are essential to effective communications. With our background and broad-based experience, we have both the instincts and the training to write effectively across many contexts. 

social media

It can be hard to know which social media you should be using and why. Further, what should your benchmarks for effective social media use be? We can help you choose the right social media platforms for your needs, find appropriate benchmarks for defining success, and weave quality photos and video throughout your posts, enhancing your marketing reach and brand. We manage website copy, blogs, vlogs and social media accounts for small to large business clients.

video production 

Video is the future of advertising. YouTube is the number two search engine across the globe. To stay current, businesses need a fresh, ongoing and changing video presence. Our in-house video production company, TAG film, is geared to keeping you current. We provide a full range of video production services including scripting content, storyboarding, shooting, editing and uploading your videos. From quick one minute announcements to full productions for executive conferences we are equipped to meet diverse video needs. You can see samples of our videos HERE.

We shoot products and people for a host of marketing needs from annual reports, to brochures and packaging to social media posts. In addition, we provide basic graphic design services for your social media profiles, newsletters, Powerpoint presentations and mailings.


A strategic, well crafted media relations plan gives you the right visibility at the right time. Knowing what tools to use when is essential to a good public relations strategy. We can help with both the oversight and/or the implementation of your plan.

media relations

graphic design & photography